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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kerala Backwater Tours - Your Date Your Nature

Cradled in the southwestern part of India, Kerala is one of the most fascinating holidaying destinations. It is endowed with fascinating charm of the hill stations, enchanting backwater destinations, exotic flora and fauna, rich culture and heritage beauty, etc. All there are the major attraction of Kerala tourism which grabs the attention of tourists from far and wide of the world. Among all these attractions the backwaters are outstanding. The incredible beauty never fails to lure the innocent heart of the tourists who come here to enjoy holidays or Kerala backwater tours.

Backwaters tour Kerala are blessed outstanding charm and beauty which true beauty is hard to cast with words. Cruise over the pristine backwater Kerala are made truly memorable the Kettuvallam or the houseboat, which are made out by tying wooden planks. The most enticing part of the houseboat is that not even a single nails are used during its constructions, it is fact which is hard to believe… but you change the reality. Along the backwaters several houseboat are made available which on booking takes you for a cruise over the serene waters and offers you wonderful opportunity to see the virgin beauty of nature at its best form.

In Kerala there are many beautiful backwater destinations and all are truly unique and have their own charm to fascinated visitors and tourists. Honeymoon couples love to spend most of their time enjoying the cruise staying in the blissful rooms of the houseboat which are traditionally furnished and offer luxury like hotels. Couples on the houseboat can share romantic time together in solitude as well as view the captivating sights of the nature from the houseboat deck or the rooms itself.

Kumarakom, Kollam, Kuttanad, Kasargod, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Alleppey are some of the few to name backwater destinations in Kerala among which Kumarakom and Alleppey draws the major attraction of tourists. Kumarakom is a scenic small village with cluster of little islands located on the Vembanad Lake. It is amazingly beautiful and it is mostly famous for its scenic backwater and the exotic bird sanctuary which is again home to some of the most colorful birds. Enjoy backwater cruise in Kumarakom and see some of the most exciting part of nature like lovely waterfalls, brooks, scenic vistas, lush green paddy fields tossing their heads, spice plantations, exotic resorts, rustic village and many other fascinating attractions. In Kumarakom you can also see various species of birds some of which are very common, rare and endangered.

Alleppey is well known backwater destination in Kerala famous for offering the longest backwater cruise. It is the starting and ending point of some of the backwater destinations. Well it is also popular as here the National Nehru Trophy snake boat race is held during the festival season of Onam that attracts large number of local as well as international tourists. More of all on your tour to Kerala you can enjoy houseboat cruise over the scenic backwater that slowly moving over the pristine water takes you to the world of wonderments and heavenly natural beauty. 


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